#Love-A-Thon: Interview with Celine from Nyx Book Reviews

by - February 15, 2014

I am so excited to be taking part in Katelyn & Alexa's Book Blogger Love-A-Thon this weekend!! It is quite crazy as it turns out that I am also moving house this weekend, but I definitely didn't want to miss the chance of being involved in such a spectacular event. Katelyn & Alexa really put so much effort into bringing Bloggers together and they definitely create a fun and exciting schedule for everyone - so huge thanks to them for letting so many of us get involved! You girls are such stars!!

To kick off the Love-A-Thon here at A Novel Thought, I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting fellow Blogger, Celine, from Nyx Book Reviews. I always love the chance to get to know about other Bloggers out there, and to hear their story, and I am excited to be able to share it with you.

So, without further adieu, I welcome Celine to A Novel Thought!

Hi Celine, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me to help me and my readers get to know about you and your blog.

1. It is always exciting meeting other bloggers. You’ve been blogging for over 3 years now, did you expect your blog to run for this long?

So good to be here! Oh no, I never expected my blog to survive that long. I'm notorious for starting tons of projects and abandoning them after a week. Somehow blogging stuck, and it has turned into some kind of addiction for me now. It's become near impossible not to blog.

2. Tell us about yourself, what’s it like to live in Netherlands?

I'm a 19-year-old Culture Sciences student, living in a tiny room with too many books. Apart from reading I also love to travel (recently visited Dublin and Stockholm), listen to music, and watching TV with my boyfriend. It's great to live in the Netherlands actually - because it's such a small country everything is just a two hour train ride away max, even all my friends that study in other cities are easy to visit. It sucks I don't eat cheese though, the Dutch love cheese. And the fact that English books only have like one tiny section in book stores. But apart from that I love the laid-back pragmatic attitude of my fellow country people.

3.What inspired you to become a blogger?

I used to be extremely active on Goodreads. When I discovered that site it felt a bit like finding heaven. So many bookish people! And so many books to discover! A lot of my Goodreads friends had their own blogs on which they posted reviews, and I decided I wanted to have one for myself.

4. What did you find most difficult when you started blogging?

Finding an audience. Reviewing went pretty well, after finding a format that worked for me putting my thoughts on paper wasn't that much of a problem. I had no idea how to get any followers though. It was also harder back then, I think. Even the (now) huge bloggers like The Story Siren and Parajunkee only had a fraction of the following they have now. There were a lot less events back then to meet other bloggers. Times have changed a lot though, and after a while the readers just found their way to my blog on their own (:

5. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Hmm, I think the talking about books. In my daily life I know almost no one that reads more than three books a year, and I just need a place to vent about my thoughts about a book, whether good or bad. Blogging (and Twitter) makes reading a much more social activity which is lovely.

6. Who is your favourite author, that you wouldn’t have found if you weren’t a blogger?

I had to look this one up in my Goodreads shelves, because my mind always draws a blank at this kind of question. Two authors that I don't think I would have known about without blogging/Goodreads are Diana Peterfreund (YA/NA author) and Karen Marie Moning (urban fantasy/paranormal romance author). Those two write the awesomest books, and they're not at all popular in the Netherlands (though they deserve to be).

7. Do you ever want to write your own novel, or do you prefer being the reader?

Writing is awesome! I'm currently writing a MG book about dragons and destruction and stuff, and a children's book about unicorns. It's hard to find the time to write though, with studying and working and blogging. I'd love to be a published author one day, but there is still a long way to go before that will happen.

8. I see from your blog that you were once nominated for a Liebster Award - how did this make you feel?

Mainly confused, since that's an award for blogs with less than 200 followers, which I passed a while ago. It's extremely nice though that this person thought of me, so it did feel good.

9. Have you got any top tips for bloggers on maintaining a successful blog for a long period of time?

Take a break when you need to. Especially during times that real life is stressful, it's important to just take some time away, so you won't burn out. Experience has thought me that your followers won't go anywhere - when you come back you'll be up and running within two weeks. I even took a four-month hiatus once and it really helped me focus on what I wanted with my blog. Also don't stress yourself out about posting every day. Posting every day is a HUGE commitment and you shouldn't try to attempt that if you're even remotely feeling like it's draining you. Other than that, feel free to branch out with some posts about other things you like, whether it's knitting, gardening or taking a walk with your dog. It'll make your blog feel more personal, and more fun to maintain.

10. And finally, what is your favourite book of 2014 so far?

So far 2014 has only had four- and three-star reads, so no big favourites as of yet. Mind Games by Kiersten White was great though, and the conclusion to the Everneath books, Evertrue, by Brodi Ashton was really good as well.

Thank you so much Celine for spending some time on my blog today. It has been really great getting to know you. I wish you all the best and I hope you have a brilliant time over the rest of the Love-A-Thon this weekend.

Now I am off to check out some of the other Blogs out there and to meet some even more beautiful Bloggers. It stills overwhelms me sometimes how supportive the Book Blogger community is and how dedicated everyone is to helping each other grow and succeed.

I will be back later today, so look out for my next post at 12:00 noon, where I will be entering the first mini challenge of the day! :) Eek!!

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  1. Celine, you are adorable! I love the photo of you and your cat. I had NO IDEA that you were from the Netherlands, but that's super cool. I feel the same way about you as blogging -- it allows me to talk to people about books, since I can't do that with a lot of people in real life. Also, Diana Peterfreund ROCKS and I'm excited to hear that you're writing an MG with dragons in it.

  2. All these Dutch bloggers have me desperate to visit the Netherlands. I love cheese! Haha

    Diana Peterfreund is definitely an author I wouldn't have known about, without blogging, which makes me sad because For Darkness Shows the Stars was amazing!

  3. Another Dutch book blogger! I love that! I've just started blogging and I think it's awesome (and also funny) to see so many Dutch people (like myself xD) book blogging. I'm VERY excited for the final book in the Everneath series and I'm planning to read it soon. Hope I'm going to like it too!

  4. You had me at "the Dutch love cheese," though I am sorry that you don't! Love the name of your blog! Nyx <3 I still haven't read Evertrue, but I must!! I actually just remembered about that series, I read the first book when it first came out!

  5. A lot of bloggers I've spoken to seem to have had a lot of hobbies and projects in the past before discovering book blogging. And YES, blogging is definitely an addiction. You don't like cheese?! WHAT.

    I agree, in the beginning it was a lot harder to interact with people and find an audience. I love that there are so many more blogging events now, since in the past it was mostly restricted to giveaways and memes!

    I'm definitely interested in this MG book of yours!

    Blogging breaks are definitely important. I'm going to be taking more as and when I need to this year, because 2013 was insane.

  6. The Netherlands is pretty cool, but I hate our weather :p A lot of people started their blogging career on Goodreads.


  7. Awesome interview! And I completely agree with you on the feeling of discovering Goodreads- I was so excited I stayed on there for a few hours when I first saw it. Bookish bliss! As a beginning blogger, I found what you were saying to be really encouraging/helpful, and congratulations on over 3 years of successful blogging! Heading over to check your blog out now too!


  8. Yay for sticking with blogging for 3 years, Celine! I've only been at it for a year and for me that is impressive! I'm the same way with hobbies-- they don't tend to have a very shelf life. :) Also, very cool that you are working on a MG and children's book. That's awesome.

  9. Great questions by you , and good answers by Celine! What an adorable picture, especially since cats and books go so well together with us book bloggers. While I love living in the States, it's kind of awesome that you can get anywhere in your home country in 2 hours or less, that would definitely make it easier to visit all the book stores! ;)

    Now I'm off to check your mini-challenge entry!

  10. Celine! I love your photo with your cat! If mine would stay still long enough I'd be able to capture one too lol. I loved reading your interview it was so interesting! Your blogging advice, especially about taking a break, was so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Jessica, your blog is sooo adorable! I absolutely love the design!


  11. Thanks Nicole, I'm glad you like it. I was thinking of changing it a little while ago, but I couldn't bring myself to as I love the image! xx

  12. I love your blogging tips! Burnout is a big problem. Your blog is gorgeous & I'm so glad I found it!

  13. Aww thank you so much Ellen, that's so sweet of you. I'm heading over to check yours out. It is so great getting to meet so many great bloggers xx

  14. Lovely interview! I think I've heard of Celine's blog before but I'm not sure if I was following but it was great getting to know her better! Off to do some following :)

  15. Taking a break when you need to is a great idea! I took off a year to focus on my new baby girl. I missed blogging and just started back! I hope I can find an audience again! Glad to hear that you like Mind Games, I have had my eyes on that one, I will have to get it sooner rather than later!

  16. Yay for fellow writers and book bloggers!
    Time away is essential for bloggers, I think--not that you have to have a long hiatus, but even just stepping back one day a month can make a huge difference!

  17. Alexa - Eek, thanks so much :D So great to hear that you love Peterfreund, she's such an underrated writer in my opinion.

    Kelly - Do let us know if you ever visit, we love showing people around, ha. FDStS is one of my favourites of her!

    Amber - Haha I'm sorry, I really really hate the taste and smell of cheese. But I'm also lactose-intolerant, so now I have a legit reason not to eat it. I agree with the blogging events, it used to be just the few memes and that was it. When I finish it, I'll make sure to let everyone know on the blog and Twitter :D

    Mel - When I see all those news pictures of floodings and hurricanes and forest fires, I'm very very glad for plain old boring Dutch weather

    Violet - Thanks Violet! I'm always happy to divulge my experienced blogger knowledge ;D Best of luck with your blog!

    Betty - Thanks a lot! A year already a big accomplishment, especially since it's hard to work on one hobby for so long

    Kate - Aw thanks (: Yes, book bloggers seem to be pretty big on cats! Although there are plenty of dog lovers too. Maybe bloggers just really like animals. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in the States, where you can drive for days and still be in the same country.

    Popcrunchboom - Ha, he was at the point of getting away too, but my friend luckily was really quick with taking the picture.

    Ellen - Thank you, burning out it probably the number one reason for bloggers to quit

    Rebecca - I've seen you around on my blog if I'm not mistaken. If not, come say hello anyway :D

    Shannon - It's especially important to take breaks when big things in your life happens, and getting a baby definitely qualifies as something big (: It's been great to see you around on the internets again though!

    Stormy Campbell - Just a few weeks can make a world of difference if that's what you need. It's important not to get too caught up in the endless cycle of posting and commenting and sharing

  18. OOH! She isn't from US or Canada?! This is so cool! I always love meeting bloggers who are from places like Asia or Europe excluding England.

    I have yet to read Mind Games, but I'm in the middle of reading it right now from Epic Reads! :D

    I actually really don't like writing, but I appreciate authors a lot because I know how hard it is to write a book. Celine, I hope your writing goes well for you. I'll be looking for your name in stores!

    I'm spreading the love for #LoveAThon and I’d really appreciate some comment love on my blog too!

    - Nova @ Out of Time


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