Book Review: The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front by Nancy Revell

by - March 19, 2021


Published by Arrow, 18th March 2021

My thoughts:

I love a good historical fiction novel and Nancy Revell's Shipyard Girls series is no exception. In this tenth instalment, Revell continues to bring us a beautiful story filled with brave, courageous and real women.

I love the connection Nancy Revell has with the story and her own family's background and I really believe you can feel this coming through in her characters. I would definitely recommend reading the series from the start if you haven't already. Not because you can't read them as a stand alone, but because I have loved watching how the characters have developed throughout the series. The relationships that are built and those that are broken. Revell's characters are so relatable and convincing and you quickly find yourself wrapped up in each of their stories.

The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front is full of the drama that we expect from a Revell novel. Some shocking truths are revealed and some unlikely alliances formed. I love the way this book celebrates these brave women who helped during the war. Revell truly does them justice in bringing not only their triumphs to light, but also the grave struggles and sacrifices they had to make during the war. It is so easy to forget what the women left at home went through.

Another beautiful story of strong, courageous and real women during WW2!

About the book:

Join The Shipyard Girls in the tenth instalment of the Sunday Times bestselling series by Nancy Revell.
Inspired by the author’s own close family ties to the Sunderland shipyards and her campaign to get the brave women who worked on the shipyards during WWII recognised for their
history changing service.

December, 1943.
As the war effort gathers steam in Europe, it's all hands on deck on the home front.

Gloria is over the moon to be reunited with her sweetheart Jack. But her sons Bobby and Gordon are away with the Navy and still know nothing of their mother's divorce and new half-sister.

Rosie's squad of welders must work gruelling hours in the yard as they prepare for the Allied invasion of Normandy. All the while Rosie herself waits anxiously for news of her husband Peter, who is carrying out dangerous work as an undercover operative in France.

Meanwhile welder Dorothy has a feeling that her beau Toby is planning to pop the question when he's next on leave. But it seems that her head is being turned by someone closer to home...

It will take great strength and friendship if the shipyard girls are to weather the storms to come.

About the author:

Nancy Revell is the pen name of writer and journalist Amanda Revell Walton, who has worked for the national press for the past 25 years, providing them with hard-hitting news stories and in-depth features. She has also worked for just about every woman’s magazine, writing amazing and inspirational true life stories.

Nancy Revell is spearheading a campaign to honour the real women of the Sunderland shipyards in her home town with a new public statue that will be displayed within the historic Sunderland Shipyards. Nancy has worked closely with the Sunderland City Council and the Sunderland Soroptimists, a worldwide volunteer service organization for women, and after putting out a call on her own social media channels, Nancy was approached by local artist Rosanne Robertson who has been commissioned to create the statue that will be unveiled later this year.

Sunderland boasted the largest shipyard in Europe during WWII, and produced a quarter of Britain's merchant shipping at the time. When the men went away to war, the courageous Shipyard Girls took up the back breaking work building ships for the British Navy. Due to its size, the Sunderland Shipyards were a key target of Hitler’s Blitzkreig, making the work not only backbreaking but incredibly dangerous. Historians have estimated that without the courageous women working in Sunderlands’ shipyards during the war, WWII could very likely have been lost due to lack of ability to transport troops, provisions and ammunition.

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