Blog Tour: Review of This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

by - October 23, 2020


Published by Arrow (Penguin Random House), 15th October 2020

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My thoughts:

What a beautiful story from Sophie Cousens!

Before delving into the possible change of love, we are immersed in Minnie's whirlwind birthday rituals (or lack there of as you'll soon find out) as we learn about the story of how she came into this world, and why she likes to hide away on her birthday every year! The first strong relationship we are introduced to is Minnie and her best friend Leila. Cousens portrays such a real friendship, as you see them go from doting on each other, to bickering like sisters! I love the banter between them and how there different personalities and characters bounce off of one another. We all need a Leila in our lives!

Then there's Quinn! They guy Minnie has grown up hating (even though she'd never met him!) and yet for some reason she can't help but feel drawn to him. I love how Cousens builds on their relationship throughout the story - it's not a simple, two people meet, fall in love and that's it. Watching their characters develop as individuals and their interactions with one another is pretty special.

Cousens has also created some brilliant secondary characters in this story who are authentic and real and bring so much more to the overall pleasure in reading This Time Next Year.

This story is filled with laughter, excitement and a great big dollop of romance! All in the most indulgent and beautiful way.

Also... any movie producers out there, you need to snap this up!!! Quick!

About the book:

Quinn and Minnie are born on New Year's Eve, in the same hospital, one minute apart.
Their lives may begin together, but their worlds couldn't be more different. Thirty years later they find themselves together again in the same place, at the same time.
What if fate is trying to bring them together?
Maybe it's time to take a chance on love...

About the author:

Sophie Cousens started her career in television, where she produced, among other things, The Graham Norton Show, Big Brother, Ant and Dec and Russell Howard's Good News. Working in TV taught her three things;

1 - Wearing a lanyard makes you look as though you know what you are doing. 2 -The best phrase you can contribute in meetings is "let's action that!" If you say it often enough, hopefully someone else will do your work for you. 3 - If in doubt, find someone wearing a lanyard - they'll know what to do.

Sophie currently lives in Jersey where she now writes full time. She lives with her husband Tim and has two small children who keep her occupied with important questions such as 'but did Cinderella have a toothbrush?' and 'do giraffe's know they have really long necks?' She yearns for a time when she will be able to add a miniature dachshund to the party.

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