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by - June 11, 2020

Published by Avon, (Harper Collins Publishers Ltd), Thursday 11th June 2020

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My thoughts:

When I think of all the books I've read from S.D. Robertson the thoughts that come to mind are evocative, thought-provoking and insightful. He's become one of the authors that I eagerly await their next publication. How to Save a Life, Robertson's newest publication (released today!) is no exception!

A story of a 40 year-old man, Luke, who has become disengaged with life and mostly comes across to others as being irritable, grumpy and unfriendly. A typical glass-half-empty outlook on life. When I first encountered Luke I thought he would be a character that is difficult to relate to, but as the story unfolds you start to learn more about Luke and his struggle with depression after a tragic event in his life. I think this is such an important topic to cover, especially at a time when as a society we are fighting for the stigma around mental health, especially for men, to be removed. 

After a freak accident, Luke is given a second chance at life and with this he feels a sense of duty to prove that he deserves it. This book provokes many questions within yourself, about how we see value in people compared with our own value and how our outlook on life can affect the quality of the life we lead. 

As Luke starts to appreciate the life he has and tries to live each day to the full, he starts to see amazing changes begin to happen. It's not without little bumps along the way, but it clearly demonstrates the power of a positive mental attitude and the importance of nurturing your mental health. 

As always, Robertson's writing draws you in so deeply that you form a real bond with the characters as you follow along their journey. The connection Robertson is able to create between the reader and his characters through his writing style is beautiful one. You can really feel this as you find yourself connecting to Luke, when initially I thought I'd never be able to relate to him. This raises the issue of judging people before you know their story. You never know what someone else has been through until they trust you enough to let you in. 

How to Save a Life is provocative and inspiring - a heart-wrenching story that will stay with you for a long time.

Thank you to Avon (Harper Collins Publishing Ltd) for sending me a gifted ARC of this book via Netgalley!

About the book:

You can’t have a rainbow, without a little rain…

When a stranger saves Luke’s life, he knows he’s been given a second chance. He’s going to make it count – and, determined to live each day to its fullest, he starts by saying yes to everything life has to offer.

Slowly but surely, Luke learns that a little bit of blue-sky thinking can go a long way, and things start to look up.

But when Luke’s new resolve is tested, will he return to his old ways? Or can one fateful moment truly save a life?

A life-affirming story about a man who is given a second chance, perfect for fans of Mike Gayle and Imogen Clark.

About the author:

S.D. Robertson

USA Today bestseller S.D. Robertson quit his role as a local newspaper editor to pursue a lifelong ambition of becoming a novelist.

An English graduate from the University of Manchester, he’s also worked as a holiday rep, door-to-door salesman, train cleaner, kitchen porter and mobile phone network engineer.

Stuart lives in a village in North West England with his wife and daughter. There’s also his cat, Bernard, who likes to distract him from writing – usually by breaking things.

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