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by - June 21, 2017

I believe that you can often get caught up in reading one particular genre of books, not because you choose not to read any others, more because you become comfortable with the genre. It's like a relationship... you get comfortable, you know what to expect and you understand how it works. You find yourself wary of stepping out that comfort zone in case you don't like what's on the other side. That is why I love it when a new genre comes bounding into your life and completely knocks your socks off!

This happened to me with Crime/Psychological Thriller fiction. I had never really ventured too deep, but recently I've had the opportunity to review a number of crime novels and it's got me hooked! I love the intensity, the gripping nature of the novels that draw you in and completely engulf you in the story. That's why I was totally ecstatic when I was offered the chance to be part of the blog tour for Trust Me by Angela Clarke.

There is such an excited buzz about the release of this book that I just couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy! To help you share in this, find out more about the book below:

Published: 15th June 2017
HarperCollins, Avon UK

‘Smart, snappy and addictive: Angela Clarke is #killingit.’ Independent on Sunday on Follow Me.

About the book:

When Kate sees a horrific attack streamed live on her laptop, she calls the police in a state of shock. But when they arrive, the video has disappeared – and she can’t prove anything. Desperate to be believed, Kate tries to find out who the girl in the video could be – and who attacked her. Freddie and Nas are working on a missing persons case, but the trail has gone cold. When Kate contacts them, they are the only ones to listen and they start to wonder – are the two cases connected?

Dark, gripping, and flawlessly paced, Trust Me is the brilliant third novel in the hugely popular social media murderer series.

Angela Clarke is an author, playwright, columnist, screenwriter and broadcaster. She is the author of the critically acclaimed crime thrillers Folow Me and Watch Me.

A little peak into the story:

Standing in the hallway, the Facebook account she’d opened earlier was still visible on her phone. There were photos of Amber grinning at the camera. This was it. Her account. Freddie watched video clips of her and her friends singing on the back of a bus, Amber’s eyes sparkling with mischief. There was a photo of Paul Robertson from behind, Amber holding an egg up so it was the same size as his bald head. The caption read: When your breakfast looks like your dad! Cracking! Freddie laughed. The sound snagged on her heart as she reached the last post. July 12 last year. The day before Amber and her father disappeared. The girl’s final words.

So many special people in my life. So sorry for any hurt I cause. Love you all. Forever. xxxx
Underneath tens of Amber’s friends had posted comments. Sad emojis. Broken heart photos. They started up a few weeks after the final post. As if enough time had passed that they could no longer hope for the best. Freddie scanned them quickly:

Come home soon!!!

Miss you foreva xxx

Thinking of you always xoxo

And a shiver passed over her, as she realised more than one person had posted the same message:

RIP Amber xxx

Why would they think Amber Robertson was dead?


I don't know about you but I am definitely intrigued after reading that extract from the book and I can''t wait to delve in further!! Make sure you get your copy now and don't forget to stop by to let me know what you think of it.

Chat soon beautifuls, 

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