Blog Tour: The Memories of Us by Vanessa Carnevale

by - July 23, 2018

Vanessa Carnevale is currently on tour with her latest novel The Memories of Us. Today Vanessa is stopping by at A Novel Thought to share with us an insight into what helps her gather inspiration for her stories. First, a little bit about the book and then we will take a sneaky peak at how Vanessa Carnevale researchers (ahem, procrastinates) to help inspire her exciting stories! 

Published: 12th July 2018
By Avon

Amazon UK (out now!)
Amazon US (available for preorder, out 8th Jan 2019)

About the book:

When Gracie Ashcroft wakes after a crash with severe amnesia, she must choose whether to live a life through other people’s memories or to start a new life all her own.

Discovering her late mother left her an old flower farm, Gracie leaves her fiancé, best friend and the home full of forgotten memories behind, hoping to learn who she is now.

Torn between wishing she could remember and afraid of losing what she now has, Gracie starts to wonder: if you had your time over, would you live the same life twice?

The feel-good novel that fans of Lucy Dillon and Ruth Hogan will love.

Guest Post from Vanessa Carnevale:

The Memories of Us Visual Inspiration

I’m quite a visual person and maybe it’s because of this, I normally create a mood board for inspiration when I start working on a story. Pinterest is a fantastic tool for this, and if I’m honest, it’s a lovely place to spend time (ahem, procrastinate) in the name of making progress on a book.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to visit the location in which a book is set, so being able to look up countryside settings and having them saved proved to be a handy source of inspiration for me. At times when I felt a bit stuck, visiting my Pinterest board helped me visualise the story and its elements, especially the flower farm setting.

The kind of pictures I pin on my mood board can be anything from food dishes to market stalls and the furniture in a room. Looking at photos that suit the vibe of my book, also helps me recreate details on the page. For example, looking at a photo of a cottage might spark some ideas around what the exterior might look like, what kind of plants are growing in the garden, and so on.

Sometimes searching through Pinterest boards helps spark ideas for scenes as well as what my characters might look like or the kind of clothes they might wear.

Hopefully readers enjoy having a browse through the board, too.

To visit the Pinterest board I created while writing The Memories of Us, go here:


Thank you so much to Vanessa Carnevale for stopping by on her tour with The Memories of Us and giving us a little insight into how she gets inspiration for her stories. Are you a visual person? Or do you have other ways of finding inspiration for your stories? Let me know in the comments below. 

Chat soon beautifuls,

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