Blog Tour: The Legacy of Lucy Harte

by - January 05, 2017

Taking inspiration from The Legacy of Lucy Harte, the theme for this blog tour is ‘New Year/ New You’.

Now, if I am being honest with myself, a large number of the typical “New Year’s Resolutions” which I made whilst seeing in the start of 2016 are still left untouched. But that’s just part of the process, right? Make a crazy list of all the things you’re going to change and start doing and a few weeks into January, one night off leads into two which leads into “What New Year’s resolutions?!?”. So this year I decided I would slim the list right down to give myself a better focus. So here it is…

Goals for 2017

1. Love Myself

2. Believe in Myself

3. Then Love Myself a little bit more!

That’s it! That’s my goal!

This may seem a little… vague! But these three little steps could have the most incredible impact on my life.

I have been in a number of situations in my past where I have been forced to think negatively about myself, where it has been drilled into me, through words or actions, that me, as I am, is not quite good enough. The worst part of it all is that I started to believe it. Now I’m not going to go into all the detail because I want this post to be a positive one.

My focus for this year is to learn to completely love myself, for who I am, for the way I look and for the dreams I have. In learning to love myself all the other things that make up my usual ‘Resolutions’ list will start to fall in to place. The more you love yourself, the more you believe you deserve to be looked after, and therefore the more you take care of yourself. I really struggle to accept the way I look and I get even more frustrated when I fall at the hurdles whilst trying to do something about it. The more I learn to love myself just the way I am, the easier it will become to take these steps to a stronger, more confident me.

This is also where step 2 comes in… Believe in Myself. I am very lucky to have a lot of people in my life who believe in me, who have faith that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Unfortunately I don’t always share this same belief. I am always the first to tell people to dream big… chase your dreams… you can do it! It turns out I need to get better at listening to my own advice. I have so many big dreams, and even some smaller ones… but when it comes to taking that first step to achieving them I panic, I question everything, I procrastinate and I end up stuck. So this year I want to push passed this barrier… I not only want to reach for the stars, I want to grab them and hold onto them whilst they shine… whilst I shine.

So come on 2017… we’ve got this! This can be my year… my year to not only dream but to chase those dreams and to watch all my dreams come true!

Publish Date: 6th January 2017


'Sometimes time is all we have with the people we love the most. I ask you to slow down in life. To take your time, but don’t waste it….’

Maggie O'Hara knows better than most that life can change in a heartbeat. Eighteen years ago she was given the most precious gift- a second-hand heart, and a second chance at life.

Always thankful, Maggie has never forgotten Lucy Harte – the little girl that saved her life. But as Maggie's own life begins to fall apart, and her heart is broken in love, she loses sight of everything she has to live for…

Until an unexpected letter changes everything and brings Maggie back into the life of Lucy Harte – and a chance for Maggie to get her life back on track once more.

Lucy's final gift to Maggie is much more than the heart that beats inside her. It's a legacy that Maggie must learn to live by. A chance to make her heart skip a beat with every new discovery she makes; a promise to live, laugh, fall in love and heal her broken heart for good.

Because as the keeper of a borrowed heart, Maggie's time is more precious than most and she must make every cherished second count…

About the Author: 

"I'm a book writing, song writing, script writing mum of three who loves music and all things Nashville. I'm way too easily scared, love romantic comedy movies, singalong nights with friends and family, red wine, musical theatre, new pyjamas, fresh clean bedclothes, long bubble baths and cosy nights in by the fire. I love to laugh, sing and dance and my gorgeous children make sure I do that a lot. I'm a sucker for romance and a teenager at heart and my ideal man is a spontaneous brooding musician who makes me laugh till my sides are sore – I'm also lucky enough to have found him!" - Emma Heatherington

Find Emma on Twitter @emmalou13 or on Facebook at emmaheatheringtonwriter.

Chat soon beautifuls xx

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