I've been nominated for the Liebster Award... Awww shucks *bashful smile*

by - June 02, 2014

So I was super excited to find that I've been nominated for the Liebster award (again)! The first time I was nominated by the beautiful Simona Elena from Sky's Book Corner and my second nomination has come from Eilidh from EllsDoug. It is always such an amazing feeling to be nominated by someone, purely to know that there are people out there who read your blog and enjoy what you are doing. It definitely makes all the hard work worth while!!

The Liebster Blog Award translates to "the beloved" or "the dearest". Before you accept the award, there are a certain set of tasks you must complete. The first is to reveal 11 facts about you, answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer. 

At the moment I am debating whether I should be writing this blog post, or starting the 30 Day Ab challenge I signed up for... no brainer!!!!!!! I'm going to work out my mind ;) and I'll be doing my arms when I lift my cup of tea!

11 Facts About Me

1. I was born in South Africa and moved to the UK when I was 13 with my family

2. When I was a little girl my mum says every weekend I used to take all my books off my shelf and dust them and put them back in alphabetical order!

3. I love music! I learnt to play the piano when I was younger, I sang in lots of bands whilst I was at school and I am now learning to play the guitar. I'd really like to try writing my own songs on guitar.

4. I want to be a writer - from a young age I enjoyed writing my own little stories although I can't say any have ever been read! My ultimate goal is to start writing novels and, fingers crossed, to be published!!

5. A part of me always wondered what it would be like if I was born around the 18th/19th century.. mingling with the likes of Jane Austen - a life untouched by today's modern technologies.

6. I have a huge crush on Channing Tatum - some might say obsession - but come on girls... can you blame me!? (even my other half knows Channing is #1...lol)

7. I passed my motorbike test in 2008 - I used to have a Suzuki SV650 and used to commute to work in London on the bike. I was also one of the Honda girls at the BMF bike show when I was at college. I love watching the Moto GP and a life long dream would be to follow the Championship to all the different countries and see every race live!

8. I have always dreamed of living in Manhattan al la Sex & the City! I was destined to be Carrie Bradshaw... although Aidan would have to be my Mr Big ;)

9. Growing up in South Africa, I used to spend a lot of holidays at the Kruger National Park... when I was living there I dreamt of growing up and becoming a game ranger at the park!

10. I never finished the 50 shades of grey books :s I can hear lots of 'WHATS?' being shouted at the screen... I read the first book and got part way through the second... and just never carried on...

11. I never used to eat prawns - I used to be completely creeped out by the bobbly eyes and prickly feelers staring back at me from my plate... it just wasn't right!! In my old age though I have overcome this fear and now I love them... and have a strange craving of late for some Lobster!

Because I've been nominated twice I have 2 sets of questions to answer so here goes...

Simona Elena's Questions:

How long have you been blogging and why did you start doing it? 
I started my blog in September last year so about 9 months now and that time has gone so quickly! I was inspired to start my blog when I was reading I heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk. Angela, the main character, was doing a freelance blog and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and wondered what it would be like to do it... and here I am now!

Who is your celebrity crush and why? (you can also have more than one)
You'll already know this from my facts but it is definitely worth mentioning it again ;) Channing Tatum of course!!!

What inspires you?
This is a tough one... there are so many things that inspire me. Music, a great book (I heart Paris inspired me to start my blog!), movies... I often find if I relate to character in a  book or movie, wanting part of the life they have inspires me!

Which is the book which has made the greatest impact on you? 
At the risk of mentioning it too many times... at the moment I would have to say I heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk, purely for the fact that it was that book which inspired me to start my own blog and since then I have met so many incredible, beautiful people, and even been to my first book launch party now. It is incredible being even a small part of this world!!
What's your drink of choice?

It all depends on my mood, but at the moment either a glass of Rose, or a Gin & Tonic.

In your opinion, what is the best blog post you've written so far? Give us the link.

I would probably say my Book Review of Where Petals Fall by Melissa Foster:

I was really drawn into the story and the lives of the characters - was such an emotional read. I've had a lot of people message me saying they read my review and it made them want to read the book, which they did and they loved it too!! That is incredible for me to hear! :)

What is your favorite restaurant?
I am afraid I can only narrow this down to 2... both are restaurants in South Africa.
1. Spur - a steakhouse, I absolutely adore their ribs and steak. To die for!!!
2. Milky Lane - a restaurant that sells only milk shakes, waffles and ice cream sundaes, with an array of awesome toppings to choose from... mmmmmm!!!!!

What does your dream house look like?
I have 2 dream homes... and I'm being greedy and can't pick just one so the two are:

1. Beach House - I love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, and the idea of being able to walk out your door onto the sand... and what a view!!

2. A Safari House - growing up in Africa I loved the Kruger Park and the wildlife... I'd love to live in a house where you feel at the heart of this all the time.

3 authors you’d really like to meet and why?
1) Jane Austen - I know this is never going to happen but her books are iconic, and I'd love to hear from her where her inspiration came from

2) Cecila Ahern - I absolutely love her books and the life lessons and messages you get from her stories. I'd love to pick her brains for advice on how to write such insuring and creative stories!

3) Hilary Grossman - I really loved her memoir, Dangled Carat, and have really loved connecting with Hilary on Twitter. It would be really awesome to actually meet Hilary!

What are 5 items you never leave home without?
Purse, Phone, iPad, House Keys, Lip Balm

A favorite childhood memory?
Getting to play with a lion cub and feed a Rhino!

Eilidh's Questions:

What is your favourite genre to read?

Which book has made you feel the most emotions?
PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern and The Sentinel by Holly Martin

Which fictional character would you most like to be?
It changes all the time but at the moment I would have to say either Honor Blackwood from Mandy Baggot's Made in Nashville or Allie from Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook.

Is there a book that has been hyped up that you then found to be disappointing?
The fifty shades of grey trilogy - I read the first book which I did really enjoy, but by the time I started the second book there had been so much hype, it was all anyone had been talking about and I just lost interest. It was a good book and no doubt I will revisit them and finish the series as I was into the story itself. But I do think the hype over the books made them disappointing to me. They were good but are beaten by so many others!

Favourite series of books?
When I was little my favourite was the Sweet Valley High books... now I would say my 2 favourites are Lindsey Kelk's I heart Series and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga. I never thought I would like vampire stories until I read the Twilight Saga and I loved it!!

Favourite author?
I can't just pick one favourite I'm afraid... Lindsey Kelk, Cecilia Ahern and Jane Austen.

Is there a book that has made you look at your own life differently?
Yes - The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella... it really made me stop and wonder what I would do with my life if I could just disappear and start over again. It made me think about what was important in my life and what I wanted from it.

Favourite childhood book?
The Wind in the Willows, Black Beauty and the Sweet Valley High books

Do you like film adaptations- are there any good ones you can recommend or bad ones you can warn us about!?
I do like to watch film adaptations because it is always interesting to see someone else's interpretation of a book and how their imagination brings the book to life. But likewise, there have been some which I have found really disappointing!

Recommend: PS I Love You (I was in tears all the way through)
Avoid: Memoirs of a Geisha (missed so much out which I felt was vital to the story)

Do you look at online reviews before buying a book?
I do look at online reviews to see what other people thought of the book, although I won't always let the reviews stop me from reading a book. Every review comes from one readers' opinions and I find that everyone enjoys different things about a book so it is always worth a try.

Favourite fictional couple?
Holly & Jerry - PS I Love You by Cecilia Ahern
Honor Blackwood & Jed Marshall - Made in Nashville by Mandy Baggot
Jane Eyre & Mr Rochester

The lovely bloggers I wish to nominate are:

My questions to these lovely bloggers are:

1. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
2. What was the last book that made you cry?
3. What was the last book that made you laugh out loud?
4. If you could pick one character in a book to be, who would it be and why?
5. Is there a book that you really want to and should have read, but just can't bring yourself to start it?
6. If you were stranded on a desert island, what book do you wish you had with you?
7. Who is your ultimate favourite book boyfriend, and which actor would you chose to play him in a movie?
8. Is there a book that you've read that you really wish you could change the ending?
9. What book have you read that you thought you wouldn't like and ended up loving it?
10. What's your idea of a perfect summer read?
11. Do you want to write your own book one day?

Have fun girls!!

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  1. Congrats on your nomination, Jess! It was fun reading about your likes and interests. And I'm with you on the 50 Shades books too. I just couldn't finish them, but they obviously resonated with lots of people.
    All the best,


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