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by - December 17, 2013

Usually it is the blogger who interviews the authors, publishers and editors from the publishing world, but this time Heather Hildenbrand has turned things around and has put the blogger in the hot seat... ME! :) When Heather approached me about doing the interview I was really excited about getting the opportunity to share my thoughts, and went a long way in making me feel as though the readers opinion is important and valued. Here is my interview with Heather, I hope you enjoy it!

Q & A:

Are you a writer?

I find this question difficult to answer sometimes, as some people only see you as a writer if you have had work published. Yes – I do write, but unfortunately have not ventured into the world of being published yet.

Do you have aspirations of publishing a book someday?

Yes, this has always been a dream of mine. The hardest thing is deciding what to write about.

What is your overall opinion of self-publishing?

I think self-publishing can be rewarding and allows writers an opportunity to share their work without having to get accepted by a publishing company first. I do think it can be a difficult route to follow though as it takes a great deal of work and dedication from the author to circulate the novel without the backing of a publishing company, as well as missing out on the expertise the publishing company can offer with regards to cover art, editing, proof reading etc.

Do you read self-published books?

Definitely – there are so many great writers out there and not all of them are lucky enough to get picked up by a publishing company. I love giving all writers a chance as you may find something really special – it can sometimes be tough though as the ability to self-publish can also mean that there is a lot of writing out there that isn’t particularly great.

What is one thing you like about reading or working with indie authors?

I love how focused indie authors can be, as they know their book relies on them planning and being organised in order to push the book in the right direction. I have also found indie authors to always be so grateful and appreciative of any help that they can get from reviewers.

What is one thing indie authors are doing well?

Communication and Support – indie authors are making the most of social media sites to not only create a buzz about their book, but to also help them in the development stages. The indie author network is so supportive; there is always someone willing to help you where they can and this creates a really positive energy within the indie author sector.

What is one thing indie authors need to work on?

Editing and proofreading – I’m stickler for typing mistakes and the incorrect use of language in writing. When I’m reading a piece of work that contains errors it does break the flow of reading and I feel that there seems to be more and more errors in books I am reading.

What’s your preferred genre to read in?

This is a difficult one as I really enjoy so many different genres. I suppose the ones I read most at the moment would fall into chick-lit and romance novels. But I also love reading historical stories, detective/thriller novels, and have a newfound love for fantasy.

What kind of story are you most excited to read right now?

Right now I am most excited to read stories where the protagonist finds courage and strength to stand up for what they want in their life, and face the battles to get there. And of course where they find real love – contemporary stories that I can relate to.

What’s your prediction on the next “hot” genre?

It is really difficult to predict what the next ‘hot’ genre will be. At the moment I’d be inclined to say Fantasy – this is because I have recently read a fantasy novel which was absolutely brilliant work, and it created such a buzz on social media sites.

Thank you so much to Heather for valuing the reader/blogger and giving me the opportunity to be in the hot seat! It is such a boost to see that writers value our opinion as a reader, not only our reviews of their novels, but also our opinions on the publishing industry and how it is evolving. It has been wonderful working with Heather to produce this post, and would love the opportunity to work with her again.

About Heather

Heather Hildenbrand is the YA and NA author of more than eight novels including the bestselling Dirty Blood series. She writes from home full-time while teaching other authors to do the same.

She is a co-founder of Accendo Press, a collaborative publishing effort dedicated to publishing stories that ignite the imagination.

About Phoenix

Phoenix is a company designed for guiding and mentoring authors through writing, self-publishing, and the business that follows. I offer coaching, mentoring, accountability, strategic planning, step-by-step instructions, checklists, and content editing for authors at all stages of their publishing career.

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  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to reading more posts like this from you.

  2. Hi 'readinggirl4ever', so glad you enjoyed reading this post. It was really fun for me to take part in the interview. It will be great to be a part of more interviews like this! xx


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