Blog Tour: The Lost Sister by Tracy Buchanan

by - July 30, 2018

Published by Avon UK, 20th July 2018

About the book:

For the first time in your life, she is going to tell you the truth…

Then: A trip to the beach tore Becky’s world apart. It was the day her mother Selma met the mysterious man she went on to fall in love with, and leave her husband and child for.

Now: It’s been a decade since they last spoke, but Selma has just weeks to live. And she has something important to tell Becky – a secret she been hiding for many years. She had another daughter.

With the loss of her mother, Becky aches to find her sister. She knows she cannot move forward in her life without answers, but who can she really trust?

An emotionally powerful novel full of twists and family secrets. Perfect for fans of Josephine Cox and Susan Lewis.

A little look on the inside:

‘You’ve been brilliant, thank you,’ the girl’s mother says as they
walk out to the reception area. ‘Say thank you, Jess.’
‘Thank you,’ the girl says in a shy voice.
‘A pleasure!’
When they leave, Becky returns to her consulting room and
sinks down into her chair, yawning. She likes to do this at the end
of the day, just close her eyes and relax for a few seconds. She’s
done her best to make the consulting room as homely as possible.
One wall crowded with cards from grateful patients, her small, tidy
desk adorned with photos of her three skinny suki whippet crosses,
Summer, Womble and Danny.
Above the desk is a shelf of books lined with the usual suspects:
a wide range of medical reference books. But mixed in with them
are romance novels, given to Becky by patients as gifts after Kay
let slip to one that Becky is a secret fan of romantic fi ction. It is a
running joke now, with books gifted to her by regulars each
Christmas, or when an owner wants to thank her. The truth is,
Becky does love the novels, devouring them whenever she is lucky
enough to have a break.
But that is just about the extent of the romance in her life. It
has been ten years since she was dumped by the boyfriend she’d
had since school, just before their tenth anniversary. There have
been a succession of bad dates since, but recently, she’s begun to
think a life with just her and the dogs would be perfect, despite
what Kay thinks.    


Have you had a chance to read The Lost Sister yet? If you've read any of Tracy Buchanan's other books, drop a comment below and let me know which ones and what you thought of them. Are you excited to read The Lost Sister?

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