Book Review: 'Nature's Destiny' by Justine Winter

by - March 31, 2014


My life was changing, morphing into something greater than I could have anticipated. I was becoming something I didn’t recognise as myself anymore. A Werewolf.
I was different.
‘Hybrid’ was what they called me, and the weight that rested against that one word was crippling. They depended on me to bring them safety. What made me so special?
Oh, that’s right. My destiny.
I was sucked into a world I’d had no idea existed. Twenty-one years as a human, and this was what I found out.
My travelling plans, my writing degree, all of it was gone within one night. One evil night that robbed my humanity.
I wasn’t completely sour. Life had been unfair a while ago, only now I’d had something worth fighting for besides myself. Something to live for.
I was afraid for the others. I couldn’t let them down. I wouldn’t let them down.
I’d gone to bed a human and woken up a Werewolf.
A special Werewolf.
A Hybrid.


It has really been exciting watching Justine Winter on her journey to releasing her debut novel, Nature's Destiny. The build up with the cover reveal really got me intrigued and I was so excited when I finally got an ARC copy of the book to review. Thank you so much to Justine for contacting me to do a review of her novel.

I always used to be sceptical about paranormal books - not because I was worried about the quality, just because I wasn't sure if they would be stories I would enjoy. My discovery over the last year is that I really enjoy these stories, as it is nice sometimes to completely remove yourself from reality.

Justine Winter has created a very attractive story in Nature's Destiny. Immediately we are intrigued by the mysterious man that Luna, the protagonist, is dreaming about, and when she actually meets him in real life Justine begins to unravel a series of intense and exciting adventures.

Luna is a likeable character, although her lifestyle can be hard for some readers to relate to as she doesn't want for everything due to the success of her parents. I have to admit I was extremely jealous to find that her parents had just given her my dream car!! haha.

Luna's love interest is the gorgeously scrumptious Riley. Justine Winter creates beautiful imagery through her use of adjectives to create a really vivid picture of the characters. I can definitely understand Luna's attraction to Riley, not only for his gorgeous looks, but his protective and caring nature. I love the way Justine develops their relationship throughout the story. Although people often complain about insta-love in novels, I feel that the magnetic connection between Luna and Riley is significant to their being werewolf's, as all their senses are intensified.

I love the dynamics of the pack Luna becomes connected to. There are some really diverse, interesting characters who bring something different to the story. There are lots of good twists and adventures within this story, as the werewolves find their pack being threatened and have to work together to protect each other. Luna has become part of a very intense new life and it is interesting watching how she develops and grows as a person - or should I say werewolf!

The only thing I did struggle with was how easily Luna accepted not only the fact the supernatural creatures existed, but that she had now become one of them. There was only a short moment where she seemed unsure whether to believe, and then instantly had accepted her fate and agreed to move in with Riley and his pack. I think if it was me it would take a lot more than this for someone to convince me that werewolves existed, and especially to have me accept that I was one of them and would have to give up whatever life I had planned for myself. But perhaps I should admire Luna for her ability to accept her fate quickly and grab it by the "big bushy tail"!

Justine Winter should be very proud of her debut novel, and I can't wait for the next book in the series. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the intense and sexy paranormal world of werewolves.

About the Author:

I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

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