'The Sentinel' by Holly Martin

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When Eve is rescued from a horrific coach crash by her teachers, she is shocked to discover they possess super strength and speed. But what happens next is even more harrowing.
In the aftermath of the crash she discovers that everyone in her life from neighbours, doctors, dentists, teachers, shop keepers and even her family and friends are actually super strength Guardians sent to protect her. They all have one thing in common, a single minded ferocity that she must be kept alive at all costs. 

However, she is surrounded by secrets and lies. Those in the know deny all knowledge of what happened that fateful night. Everyone else carries on as normal, seemingly unaware of the new strange world that she has stumbled against. 

With the help of Seth, her best friend, Eve discovers the prophecies surrounding her true identity and the super strength she too holds. With her Guardians pledged to protect her, her closest friends ready to die for her, her own hopes and dreams are put on hold whilst she battles to control the amazing powers she has been bestowed with.

But those that seek to destroy her move ever closer. Will the Guardians be enough to protect her when so many are prepared to stop at nothing to see her dead? And will she be strong enough to fulfil her destiny when the time comes?

A fast paced fantasy adventure for young adults.
With high speed car chases, airborne fights, amazing stunts and super powered beings, this is a story of loyalty, friendship and love.


The fantasy genre is quite new to me, so when Holly offered me the chance to review her novel I was extremely excited. And I am so glad that I did because The Sentinel captured me entirely. Holly has produced an absolute masterpiece and I am still finding it hard to believe that this is her debut novel. It has left me with an insane book hangover, but the brilliant news is that there is more... hurry Book 2! I NEED YOU!!

The Sentinel opens with a dramatic scene where Eve's life is hanging in the balance, and her life is saved by two of her teaches as they stop the school coach from falling off a cliff...by holding the bumper! To add to the madness, everyone denies the events to Eve and suggests she is just suffering from the trauma of the accident. Eve remains suspicious, but even she begins to question herself. The story takes another turn when a fire breaks out in Eve's home, and thus unravelling a roller coaster of events which reveal to the reader, and to Eve, the mystery of the guardians and Eve's importance in the world.

We go on to see Eve struggle to come to terms with what is going on and who she can trust. It is at this point where we first see the strength of the bond between Eve and Seth, her best-friend. *swoon*
Seth is the ultimate in book boyfriends and is the one who reveals the truth to Eve about who she really is. I loved Seth's openness and honesty with Eve despite knowing that he will get in trouble. Seth puts his friendship with Eve first, before his duty as a guardian.

I really admire Eve's strength as a character. She has her moments where it all becomes too much and she has a bit of a tantrum, but she always pulls through fighting - and really, can you blame her? She is 17 years old and just been told that she is supposed to save the entire world! Phew. Through everything Eve's main concern is the safety and happiness of her friends and guardians; she hates what they all have to give up and risk because of her. You can't help but admire Eve for this.

Holly's writing really brings the story and its characters to life. Her descriptions of the characters' actions and emotions create the images for the reader so magnificently - you can picture their expressions, the use of their powers and you can completely feel their emotions like they are your own. In this same way, Holly's ability to build tension in her writing is superb - Holly subtly builds the tension into the story as it is about to take a turn, really creating a sense of anxiety in the reader as you know something terrible is about to befall Eve and her guardians.

Alongside the excitement through the fantastical powers we see Eve discover, it is also a story which follows Eve's discovery of herself. I love that the book highlights one of Eve's most important qualities as her humanity - her ability to feel. This is a beautiful journey we follow through the story as we also see Eve's influence take affect on the guardians as they too learn to feel, and discover their own level of humanity. One of my particularly favourite scenes is the snowball fight - in amidst all the darkness it is great seeing the guardians discover laughter.

The Sentinel explores the importance of humanity, and its ability to influence others, as well as exploring an array of different friendships and relationships. It is packed full of action to get your adrenaline pumping as well as being adorned with beautiful friendships, new relationships and some fiery passion.

I wasn't ready to stop reading The Sentinel and it has left me absolutely craving book 2.

A thrilling journey of discovery and stunning display of true friendship, loyalty and love.

If you haven't read The Sentinel you are definitely missing out! Be sure to get your copy now and discover the brilliance that is Holly Martin.

Amazon Kindle - only £1.90!

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  1. Thanks for the incredible review Jess x

  2. You are so welcome Holly - I just hope it's done your book justice, such a brilliant read for so many reasons xx


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